Is Russia’s New Political Party A Front?

Ok, the link is old, but Publius writes:

According to an article in today’s Guardian Unlimited, United Russia, the largest Russian political party by far, is losing its appeal with the electorate. It seems that the party’s narrow platform, to support the President in every way, is something of a turn-off. So, what is to be done?

‘Create another…[party]…that pretends to be an opponent.’ Yes, Putin is going to manufacture an ‘opposition’ party…controlled by the Kremlin of course. This is another wonderful example of managed democracy in Russia.

Putin is a KGB alumni.

Reading the post, what came to mind quickly was a fantastically successful counter-intel program run by the Checka/OGPU. Checka set up a front called “The Trust” that served as a magnet for counter-revolutionaries and western support and money in the early years of the USSR.

Checka was able to roll-up the early dissident/spy networks and fund their own activities with the western contributions.

Is Putin a student of history?

2 Responses

  1. Moves like this show why we must rollback the power of Russia per se, instead of focusing primarily on the political balance in the Moscow regime.

  2. no, its part of the ultimate plan to take over the world…

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