LGF Link: “Al-Qaeda As Brand Name”

Here is the link.

Branding is coupled to marketing. The whole thing seems very meme-ish.

I haven’t had time or desire to blog much recently, but it might be interesting to do a post inter-relating branding, marketing, memetic engineering, information warfare, and then with 4GW and/or 5GW.

2 Responses

  1. Branding is the process by which you try to become the first business a person thinks of when they consider buying goods or services in your category. If you can “own” a word in the public’s mind, you have a huge competitive advantage.

    link added at : http://www.seoguruindia.com/brandname/resources.php

  2. This is a timely comment. I just finished a book on branding/positioning to tie into 4gw/5gw.

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