Appeasement Theory of War

In Spiegel On-Line:

As was the case in the 1930s, when Czechoslovakia was sacrificed in the interest of peace under the Munich Agreement — a move that ultimately did nothing to prevent World War II — Europeans today also believe that an adversary, seemingly invincible due to a preference for death over life, can be mollified by good behavior, concessions and submission. All the Europeans can hope to gain in this asymmetric conflict is a temporary reprieve, a honeymoon period that could last 10, 20, or maybe even 50 years. Anyone on death row breathes a sigh of relief when his execution is postponed to some indefinite time in the future.”

This is the Appeasement Theory of War:

The Appeasement Theory of War states that war is caused by one side in a conflict appeasing (signaling weakness, submission, lack or resolve, or lack of interest) causing the other side to keep pushing until an invisible line to be crossed thus causing war to break out. The aggressive side is usually surprised when this happens because of the signals sent out by their opponent. The Appeasement theory of War suggest that to avoid war, one must act decisively to threat, and that an actor’s threat (a fuzzy calculation of other’s perception of one’s power and other’s perception of one’s willingness to use that power) must be accurately signaled to all other actors.

Appeasement fever is rising in the west, god help us all.


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