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Hiddenunities.wordpress.com, Jack Bauer, and The Wire

I keep forgetting that blogger Eddie is at Hidden Unities now.

I like this post that uses pop culture references to 24 and The Wire to compare and contrast US national security approaches:

For these reasons and perhaps even more worth visiting in the future (after all, one more season of “The Wire” remains), he is the model for an America that can survive and thrive from now on, not Jack Bauer. Above all else, Freamon lives in a realistic world of unrestricted actors (of a criminal, political, social and economic variety), not tightly wound top-heavy conspiracies with “ticking time bombs”.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for stopping by… I need to revisit the topic and write a much better post about it but (a) I felt it needed to be said this week and (b) I keep marveling at the variety of present and future threats “The Wire” manages to examine.

  2. I don’t have any of the pay cable channels (I am too cheap). But I watched The Wire seasons 1,2,3 as soon as they came out on DVD/Netflix. I watched initially because I was a big fan of Homicide.

    The Wire is maybe the best cops/robbers/society TV show ever.

  3. Actually you should check out the Shield if you want to see a good depiction of networked gang warfare. I think the Wire (while one of the best shows ever made) is constrained too much by the HBO production cycle.

  4. I like The Shield. I like that there are more episodes of it then The Wire! I think I prefer The Wire overall.

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