Milwaukee’s Congresswoman is Meeting with the Egyption Muslim Brotherhood

You can read the story via LGF.

Gwen Moore is a sad excuse for a Congresswoman. She is sort of a less talky Maxine Waters.

The citizens of Milwaukee keep making bad choices in elected officials.

Here is an AP photo via Yahoo:

Gwen Moore hanging with the Muslim Brotherhood - Disgusting

From left to right, U.S. congresswoman Gwen Moore, Rep. Wisconsin and
congressmen David Price (D – NC), Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R – NE) and
Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) meet with Egyptian Lawmakers including the head
of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, at the
Egyptian Parliament in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, May 27, 2007. (AP Photo)

I really can’t see myself trusting National Democrats during the rest of my voting lifetime on National Security issues. Being that I have voted mostly Democrat in the past, I find that weird and troubling.

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  1. […] its not like any local politician  (City Common Council, Country  Board, School board, Congresswoman Moore) have anything to brag about given the sorry state of […]

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