The 5GW Movie That Mighta/Coulda Been: Transformers

The blog Chained to the Cinémathèque reports on what could have been a movie with 4WG or 5GW themes:

The film starts out as an allegory for 4th Generation Warfare (4GW), or perhaps even 5GW: enemies are hidden among us, yet to reveal themselves; they pose an existential threat to our society due to their capability to inflict huge damage instantaneously; these enemies emerge from the crowd of our everyday life, and have the ability to then slip back among us unnoticed, tainting all of our everyday routines and interactions with suspicion and fear. The film then renegs on this promised exploration of the enemy in our midst, in favor of a traditional (read: 3GW) military fantasy, where expertise with the tools of war provides hard-fought but ultimately inevitable victory.

Dang. Oh well.

It might be fun to imagine alternate 5GW-ish plots and themes for movies and TV shows.

[cross-posted at Dreaming 5GW]


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