“The clear implication from this report is that any political or religious group that expresses opposition to the atheistic and dictatorial agenda of the state will be collectively demonized as terrorists and targeted for elimination and ethnic cleansing.”

EmptyStreets has an interesting post entitled: “the future is bright because it’s burning…“.

It has as its starting point a scary/bad future scenario by the UK, and goes right to the logical ramification of belief in that kind of future by the state:

This is the very new world order that the establishment have sought to create by allowing rampant immigration, using the progress of technology to enslave us, launching endless war and shaping the course of history to construct a prison planet.

The elite are deliberately steering world events and engaging in psychological warfare to achieve this self-fulfilling apocalypse. They are hell-bent on manufacturing an end-times scenario similar to that described in Revelations, and whether you believe in the Bible or not, our future is being decided by maniacal psychopaths sworn to destroy humanity.

I don’t think the “elites” really want an end-time, unless they think they will be better off.

I think people do to often look to the future and see only their fears: Death, misery, destruction impulses, and loss of status.Yeah, sometimes I feel this way.

Really, The future is ours to build though. We have opportunities and human capital and creative impulses unleash.

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