The Four + “N” Freedoms – Updating Roosevelt

FDR listed as his Four Freedoms:

  1. Freedom of speech and expression
  2. Freedom of every person to worship in his own way
  3. Freedom from want
  4. Freedom from fear

Barnett suggests a Fifth: Freedom of Access to Technology

I would add a 6th: Freedom to Own Property and Engage in Commerce.

What else should be added?

4 Responses

  1. Freedom of movement (I.E. those stuck in Burma, North Korea, Zimbabwe, etc.) should not be forced to stay imprisoned in their countries.

    I must stop myself now because I actually like this concept and consider it a possible last post before I deploy type subject :-).

  2. When do you ship out?

  3. Saturday but I have duty Friday. Blah. 2 months with the air wing (the various aircraft squadrons that we taxi around). In general, I miss serving abroad. A few more like that and then I’m done in late November.

  4. […] by EB in Uncategorized. trackback PurpleSlog updates FDR’s legendary 4 Freedoms concept in response with a post from Thomas PM Barnett that boasts an insightful comment from “Michael” […]

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