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    The Mission For Our Generation and The Next

    TDAXP writes (and cross-post at Dreaming 5GW):

    The anti-Communist 5GW that was built up at the beginning of the Cold War is still functioning in spite of widespread recognition that is has been obsoleted by its own success.

    The anti-Disconnectedness 5GW that must be built up at the beginning of this Long War must be similarly durable. Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, globalists and internationalists, they come-and-go. They’re electoral defeats and victories are as rational as which town is hit by which tornado, which Senator uses an anti-asian slur that was current among North African Jews a lifetime ago, and other quirks of fate. Shrinking the Gap is too important to be left to chance.

    Rather than decry a “money/fantasy machine” we need to build our own.

    2 Responses

    1. (But would the Left ever let us “get away” with it?)

    2. The left would fight it. Hence a 5GW against the use to set up these institutions to last and exist outside of the election-to-election policy cycle.

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