Don’t Play Loose With the Constitution: Cheney Apparently is a Dick

So, Dick Cheney thinks he is part of the Legislative branch when it suits him.

The VP is part of the executive Branch. He is not part of the legislative branch because one of his duties is to preside over the Senate.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice is not a member of the legislative branch because he may also preside over the senate in some circumstances.

I don’t like people fucking with the constitution.

I don’t like the money this is going to cost the taxpayers.

I am now officially okay with Congress impeaching Dick Cheney purely on this issue.

Also, The loophole over the VP presiding over his own impeachment trial must be closed (yeah, I know this will take a few years).

2 Responses

  1. Yeah this is phenomenally stupid. You know, every administration drives the members of the opposing party into an irrational hatred, but the Bush Administration is unique in that it has also managed earn the hatred of Republicans and independents likely to vote Republican. The whole administration has a kind of political tone-deafness.

  2. The damage to the rule of law from both the Clinton & Bush Administrations should be considered severe. Politics has been trumping the law openly and outrageously for the past 16 years…

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