Honda Wants to Buy Harley? That’s a Bad Bad Idea.

The Milwaukee Journal mentions a rumor that Honda might want to buy Harley.

Harley is an American company that sells a culture/lifestyle/image.

If it were to become a division of a foreign company, the image would be gone and sales would dryup.

Doesn’t anybody remember the AMF era? Harley, like its customer, must remain free.

I won’t vote my Harley shares for a takeover by anybody.

4 Responses

  1. I think this WAS the plan. But negative remarks were made by the public in this concept. Consequently, Honda being the producer of high-quality Honda fog lights won’t be very interested to pursue this action or they’re just wasting sweats.

  2. I deleted the comment by Susan Fong because it appears to be Spam.

  3. Harley Davidson, needs to listen to thier customers, sell to Ducati, Sell to Mv Augusta, but to Honda you have got to be kidding, Honda have no culture they just want to sell bikes.

    Read what i wrote earlier today cheers….

  4. Harley needs to stay solo and huncker down during the recession. With capital drive plant opening up, they should move the York PA activities back to Milwaukee.

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