Shloky’s “Invisible Hurricane” as 5GW Example? [Updated]

On Shlok Vaidya’s Website (worth adding to your favorite RSS feed if it isn’t already), he links to an article on Oil Refinery problems such as:

A third of the country’s 150 refineries have reported disruptions to their operations since the beginning of the year, a record according to analysts.

Then commentator Wolf Pangloss asked:

How do you know all this stuff is just accidental, and thus fixed by simplifying systems, and not the result of someone nefarious doing something nefarious, which would be fixed by complicating and adding redundancy to systems?

My thought is that they didn’t know is was accidental. They hope it accidental, and they assume it is.

From a 5GW point of view, who might the benefactors from this systematic disruption – who might be behind it if this isn’t accidental?

  • Global Guerrillas testing out techniques, or slowly ramping up?
  • American citizens concerned about the sorry state of domestic security and infrastructure protection trying to get the State to react a certain way?
  • Corporate interests and/or American citizens who want reduce Federal dis-incentives for increasing domestic refinery capacity?

Any other ideas?

[cross posted to Dreaming 5GW]

The discussion moved to here then to here.

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