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Eight Random Facts

I was tagged with the 8 Random Facts thing about a month ago and kept putting off the response.

Here it goes though in no particular order:

  1. My teeth are super hard, so I cannot get cavities. That along with the ability to belch at will and “crack” my jaw alas constitute my pathetic set of super-powers.
  2. My favorite Heinlein novel is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress – but Space Cadet was the first real science fiction I read (in 3rd or 4th grade).
  3. I have never polka’d sober.
  4. The name of my college trivia team was The Ed Gein Furniture Emporium. I considered it a tiny PSYOP on our opponents.
  5. German Anti-Terrorist police have pointed sub-machine guns at me (three of them) with an unfriendly demeanor.
  6. After watching one of my close friends from high school sink into drugs, booze, and threatened suicides while we were freshmen in college and thinking that all my attempts to help her were failing and that I was risk of being pulled down, to my everlasting shame I walked away from the relationship. Barely a week goes by where I don’t think of her and what if anything more I could have done to spare her the years of messed up life she had ahead of her. As an 18 year old I thought I was making a tough decision for self-survival. As a 40-year old, I feel I was a moral coward and that the things I thought mattered then really didn’t. I miss her.
  7. Although I have a trumpet, trombone, uke and harmonica in my home, I only play my kazoo (I have 3 of them at home…and one at work).
  8. I consider Frank Sinatra to be the greatest American singer. I keep a stack of his CD’s next to my Clash cd’s.

Anybody else reading this, feel free to post your own as a comment or on your own blog with a trackback ping.

5 Responses

  1. Cool!

    And don’t knock the super-hard teeth. That’s not a bad power to have.

  2. 5. “German Anti-Terrorist police have point sub-machine guns at me (three of them) with an unfriendly demeanor.”

    Ah, you’d obviously staked the claim that German beer is, in fact, inferior to Irish beer. A truism, no doubt, but one assertion best made from the hatch of an American M1 Abrams with, say, a half dozen Bavarian women in scant clothing walking and dancing in seductive fashion. It’ll invoke both lust and fear in those pesky German gunslingers and provide one hell of a diversion.

    Really though, the real story would be an intriguing yarn should you choose to share it.

  3. Oh, and Steve is a Bavarian nude dancer. Don’t let him fool you. Now all you need is a tank!

  4. Heh,

    I may or may not share the full story. I think the snippet let’s your imagination go wild.

    I did like the German beer. I had been alchohal free for several years before that first trip to Germany.

    Irish beer…is that Guinness? Guinness is pretty darn good.

  5. Oh, and it is good that everybody has hobbies. So dance away Steve, dance away!

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