Am I Too Old For Graduate School?

I have often considered going back to school full or part-time with an eye switching careers away from Information Security/ Information technology.

Going part-time for Public Policy or Political Science isn’t worth it I would think. I would have to leave the Milwaukee area for career advancement, and I don’t think I want to do that. I would be willing to spend a few years in Washington working on a congressional staff of some sort (technology, security, policy) stuff, but not permanently. The time getting the degree would be better spent blogging and reading and maybe finding/starting a local Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Rhetoric Club.

I have thought about going to Marquette’s Law School (part-time for a year or two, then full time if I am going to stick with it), with an eye practicing were technology and legal systems cross (especially information Security and Lawfare). I am not sure if I want to be competing with 25 year old associates any more. Would I be able to make back my cost of Law School (material cost of going + forgone income in my current profession)?

I have also though about switching over to be a fee-based financial planner. I would have to get a CFP as a signaling device (and I could write off getting a Master’s in Economics). I am not sure I could make enough money at it. I don’t want to be broker or a mutual funds salesman designed as an adviser.

I have though about getting an information security masters, but I don’t think I will learn much more with that. As a signally device, I would be better of just adding another security or professional certificate (CISM, CISA, GSNA, or PMP).

Note I have an undergraduate in degree with a major in Computer Science (and most of a political science major and an MBA.  I am a smart guy, but not always the best student as an adult I get bored and want to learn different things or at a different pace. Locally, my choice for a Law School would have to be Marquette, or for other programs Marquette or UWM. I could also do a distance program like American Public University or Union College.

Just some wistful thoughts on Wednesday while grimacing through massive back pain.


6 Responses

  1. If you don’t go to grad school, you’ll still get older but will have nothing to show for it. :O)

    Grad scchool and postgrad isn’t like your undergrad experience ( or at least shouldn’t be).

  2. Most “academic” (political science, etc.) work to prepare you for a doctorate in the field, which works to prepare you to be a research professor in the field…

    Professional masters (public policy, computer science) put you in the field faster.

    Computer science was hard, but a ton of fun.

  3. how old are you, and what did you decide to do?

  4. 40. I decided not. So far, anyways.

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