Architects of the Future: The Socio-Political Entrepreneurship Style of 5GW

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.
Therefore the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.

Sun-Tzu (ancient Chinese 5GW Theorist)

The Second Style of 5GW after the Puppet Master (ref Pslog, D5GW) in my long neglected series, is the Socio-Political Entrepreneurship Style of 5GW.

The S-P-E 5GWers (or whatever we should call them) don’t wait for the future to arrive, they actively seek out to create and shape the future they desire.

The S-P-E 5GWer acts out in the open (not in secret), but their true aims or expected/hoped-for consequences are closely held (secret) and/or at longer timespans then most folks consider or notice (there’s the secrecy), or the effects are so broad/horizontal that the ramifications are overlooked by most.

The S-P-E 5GW will be non-kinetic in war sense – or rather the kinetics will be widely dispersed.

The S-P-E will with a creative impulse (perhaps even an ultimate expression of love).

The S-P-E 5GW actor is a Super Empowered Individual or group of SEIs (where SEI = individuals super-empowered by their access to technology and connectivity allowing them to act and interact globally) who use entrepreneurial principles to initiate, organize, create, and possibly manage change in a target actor (state, institution, network) or the target actor’s environment to further the non-trivial socio-political goals of the 5GW actor. The S-P-E 5GW actor will employ and manipulate a variety of actors across a variety of domains to create changes that will have effects even after the 5GW actor is no longer actively participating in the changes.

The SEI choosing the path of S-P-E 5GW may include (but not be limited to):

When you read of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood Project…think S-P-E 5GW.

When you read of the founders of American Cold War Strategy…think S-P-E 5GW.

When you read of Gap-Shrinking, Sys Admins, and creating capabilities through a DoEE…think S-P-E 5GW.

When you read of TDAXP’s MISC ideas…think budding S-P-E 5GW.

Next up: The Strategic Citizen 5GW Style

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8 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to come to this so late, but after reflecting on that blogging post, I’ve got to ask:

    Should there be a a deliberate effort to “cultivate” pro-US or pro-Western SEIs? If feasible, how difficult or expensive might that be?

    (The question had also earlier occurred to me browsing the local library shelf, and coming across Robert Ferrigno’s latest novel; flipping through it, I think I came across what you’d probably call an SEI, the novel’s main villain.)

  2. “Should there be a a deliberate effort to “cultivate” pro-US or pro-Western SEIs?”

    I think USGOV policy should be to at least nudge them in that direction.

    “If feasible, how difficult or expensive might that be?”.

    I am not sure.

    Why don’t you write a post on it. I could cross-post it to Dreaming 5GW.

  3. Hmm… Nice of you to suggest, but I’m afraid I’m not…qualified…to “properly” weigh on this.

  4. Jayson, there are not really any 5GW experts yet…so I wouldn’t let that hold you back. Take a stab at it, or come up with a scenario.

    How could the fictional world of a second season of Jericho gone differently if the ASA had made a deliberate effort to “cultivate” pro-US or pro-Western SEIs?

  5. […] Of the People, By The People: The Strategic Citizen 5GW Style This is a third style of 5GW in my slow-motion series and follows the Puppet Master style and the Socio-Political Entrepreneurship style. […]

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