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What Five Places/Events Would You Visit With A Time Machine?

What Five Places/Events Would You Visit With A Time Machine?


  1. You can only pick five places/events before you are out of non-replaceable temporal syrup to power your time machine.
  2. The time machine has a natural language interface smart enough to get you were you want to go (e.g. no messed up coordinates)
  3. While you can take a digital camera or other such device to record events, you can’t actually change any events
  4. You can’t bring anybody back or take anything else with you
  5. You have a babelfish
  6. You won’t get sick, nor will you pass on sickness

Enter your ideas in the comments or via trackbacks.

Here are my Five choices (in no particular order):

  1. Holy Land circa 25AD to 50AD to see about Jesus and the birth of Christianity (assuming something happened)
  2. In Britain in the years around 470 with the British/Roman Resistance to the Saxon barbarians (checking also for you-know-who)
  3. With Zheng He and his Chinese explorer fleets circus 1405 to 1433.
  4. Taking in the sites, smells, tastes, drama, and dramas of Elizabethan England.
  5. Siteseeing at Eridu (the first human city) in its prime.

What would you do?

One Response

  1. I did mine my top five here.

    It’s my longest comment thread to date.

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