Blogspotting: is an earnest conspiracy wiki with an interest in 5GW – or perhaps they see 5GW as just part of the conspiracy world.

Their actual entry on 5GW is a copy of my now deleted wikipedia 5GW entry with the with the exception that the links are a bit screwed up and they added a quote from a General Jones that doesn’t have anything to do with 5GW.

For the record, the article was incomplete. I spent most of time trying to figure out how to format things. It was quickly swarmed and deleted.

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3 Responses

  1. Very cool! (And props to them for having found it! I tried and couldn’t)

  2. I have no idea how they got it. If you look, they have got the discussion and history page too.

    5GW thinking has kept evolving since then too.

  3. If you’re new to Wikipedia then it may amaze you to find out that quite a few of the byrocrats / admins are paid (in most cases by governments, sometimes by corporations) editors who will vote any article of major importance for deletion and blaitantly censor the pages they can’t quickly & quietly remove. It’s, sadly, the way WP works: You need to have made lots of edits to get up the ladder, something very few people bother to do unless it’s their full/part-time job..

    It’s real easy to see what’s going on when you’ve identified enough spooks, and it’s also much simpler to keep an eye on what articles they want gone down the rabbithole..

    I havent’ asked Meco why he grabbed the 5GW article, but we both follow Wikipedia’s Articles for deletion debates and we both tend to grab interesting about-to-be-deleted articles – specially if we notice that it’s the typical set of censoring spooks who are voting for deletion…

    A note on the Discussion and History pages: They are not from Wikipedia, that’s just the MediaWiki software (If you look at the history page there then you see that the first entry is actually “From deleted article on English Wikipedia created by User:Purpleslog”)

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