Capturing My Thoughts 1: Defining xGW Without Historical Mappings

From here:

I think of each xGW “generation” as a conflict mode to be used given the nature/intentions/capabilities of competing/cooperating actors and whatever is the state of the world at that particular time and place. Globalization is just making it so that now the place for our current particular time is the entire earth for the most part.

2 Responses

  1. Further note to myself for future xGW overview post:

    Separate out: Actors, Methods, Goals, Environment.

    Lind et all think of 4GW their way (a subset of 4GW possibilities) because they concentrate on non-state-actors fighting states or other n-s-a, in the late 20th century early 21st century, with anti-state system goals or revolutionary goals.

  2. […] I read through the book with those posts in mind, along with looking for 5GW ideas and xGW ideas in […]

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