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    Capturing My Thoughts 2: Global Actors

    From here:

    Notice I say actors. I assume while states are (and will continue to be
    actors) that other actors can be involved: Kin-based networks aka KBN
    (people driven by familiar or tribal ties), super empowered individuals
    aka SEI(or networks of SEIs), meme-based networks aka MBN(people driven
    by shared beliefs such as religion, culture, political ideology),
    purpose-driven networks aka PDN(e.g. business enterprises, media
    outlets, NGOs, social entrepreneurial organization, charities,
    PMC/PSC/PIC), mashups/overlaps of any of the preceding s, and most
    likely things I haven’t thought of. For clarity I will refer to
    State-based networks aka SBN to refer to states or super-state
    organizations (like the EU or NATO)

    3 Responses

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