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If Benazir Bhutto is the Best Hope, then Pakistan is SOL

Thomas Barnett thinks Benazir Bhutto is a “big hope for Pakistan”. I tried to comment last week on his site, but it never appeared.

I believe my comment was something short like this:

If corrupt/incompetent Bhutto is the Best hope for Pakistan, then they are SOL.


He linked to this LA Times OP-Ed of hers that says all the right the words. A positive Pakistan future could follow what she outlines.

There is no way that she can do it though. Her time leading Pakistan is over. It will need to be somebody else.

2 Responses

  1. If there IS anyone better:P

  2. Turning to a prior failed leader will get them no where. I don’t know enough about Pakistani politics to name names, but there have to be new-ish leader moving forward.

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