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Robin Hood TV Series

I just finished watching season 1 of the new-ish UK Robin Hood series on DVD.

I quite liked it.

The only things disturbing were:

1) Robin uses a scimitar
2) Robin uses an Arab bow
3) Robin has read the Koran
4) Robin speaks Arabic
5) The crusades are bad/stupid of course

They almost seem to imply Robin has converted to Islam. Almost, but not quite.

So, this would seem to be some pop culture fallout of the slow Islamification of Europe.

Watch the series though, it was fun and looked good.

(Photo originally uploaded to Flickr by stef_install)

3 Responses

  1. Bernard Lewis mentioned that there were university programs in Arabic in the middle ages (as it was considered a “classical” language), making European awareness of Arabia fashionable before the dawn of the modern world.

    I’d need to check with fl, but I guess that there are two great cycles of English kingly drama between Beowulf and Shakespeare: Arthurian and Crusader.

    Count me as someone who sees a Crusader-era Robin as “cool.”

  2. The first episode starts with Robin have returned from the Holy Land and is crossing England to get to his manner in Locksley. The third crusade is still going on. Robin was leader of King Richard’s personal security guards. He was gravely wounded in a night assassination attempt on the King (Robin saves him – they show it in a flashback in a later episode). Richard sent him home to recover. Robin may have a touch of PTDS.

    The show has humor, adventures and seriousness. The Sheriff and Guy of Gisbon are well acted and more fully developed as bad guys then usual.

    Prince John and King Richard are mentioned, but make no appearance in the first season.

  3. I just finished watching season 2 on DVD. I didn’t really like season 2. If there are more after this, I most likely won’t watch them.

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