Unexpect IT Issue With Hugoland

RSA sent out this alert by email earlier today:

On August 23, 2007, it was reported that Venezuelan clocks were set to a different time zone, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) minus 4-1/2 hours, compared to the previous GMT minus four hours.

RSA recommends that no server clock adjustments be made until vendor- specific operating system patches are available and tested by RSA to confirm that the time zone changes do not impact RSA Authentication Manager and other RSA products. At this time, no operating system patches are available to support the proposed Venezuelan GMT settings. Adjusting the server clock may result in all RSA SecurID authentications failing and other products ceasing to function properly. In addition, Software Token users should not adjust the clock on their PCs or mobile devices until vendor-specific operating system patches are made available and tested by RSA.

One Response

  1. Thugs always like disconnecting their people from the world, and their own past.

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