“The city has for years urged Milwaukee County to find a new use for a collection of stately old buildings…A training ground for SWAT teams was not what it had in mind.”

Here is what the Milwaukee City Police and Milwaukee County Sheriffs did:

City officials and preservationists voiced outrage Wednesday after learning that the county had opened the buildings for tactical exercises put on as part of a national conference hosted this week by the Milwaukee County sheriff’s office and Milwaukee Police Department.


But city officials, who have long characterized the county’s efforts on the Eschweiler buildings as “demolition by neglect,” said they want to see for themselves, and will take their concerns to the Wisconsin Historical Society.

“This is not something you do with a building you’re trying to preserve,” said Wauwatosa Community Development Director Nancy Welch, whose city has contributed federal funds to secure the buildings.

“What a blatant abuse of historic property that is held in such high regard,” said Sharon Eiff, vice chairman of the Wauwatosa Historic Preservation Commission.

Supposedly no damage was done, but…

Two city officials, including Welch, and a Journal Sentinel reporter were turned away when they asked to inspect the buildings.


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