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    Very Cool: From the NY Times Archive – “President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin”

    Here is the link.

    2 Responses

    1. While certainly I disagree with many of Mr. Lincoln’s monetary policies, describing the murder as “very cool” is a bit too close to the ‘We Great Men of the Republic should Move On from the War of Northern Aggression . org” line!

    2. That’s what I get for surfing/blogging late at night while sleepy!

      Of course, I did not mean the assassination of Lincoln was cool (it was not). In fact I would like to have seen reconstruction via Lincoln would have gone. I expect that there would have been a good chance that Lincoln could have won a third term in 1868 too.

      I meant that it was very cool that the NY Times has digitized their old archives and placed them on-line.

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