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    Hey Bloggers: If you were wondering why you get all of that comment spam…

    …the recent SANS incident Handler diary entry explains it:

    So, the spammers do the following. They first “poison” Google so that a particular search returns their wanted web site as the first match. This isn’t too difficult to do because they don’t need to “poison” proper searching keywords – they can use whatever they want because all they need is their web site to come back first. If we go back to the example above, the keywords to search for are “myvisameds global cart”. If you search for this (normally) you will see that the spammer’s web site comes as the first search. Also take a look at all the other web sites that are returned. See something interesting? (I still have to check those web sites to see if they are even serving some malicious content).

    They want to manipulate the Google Search results.

    Luckily, wordpress.com uses Askimet. So, the while I have 500+ comment spam during the week, only 1 or 2 usually make it through.

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