I Think GM and Its Workers Have a Death Wish [Update]

Janesville – Workers at the General Motors Corp. (GM) assembly plant in Janesville walked off the job Monday morning, joining 73,000 members of the United Auto Workers in the union’s first national strike since 1970.”No one wins in a strike, but the auto workers are sick of giving up everything,” Rob Heise, a 31-year veteran of the Janesville plant, said as he walked a picket line shortly before noon. [Source: JSOnline]

GM cars have a not-so-good-rep. GM has been burning through decades of capital and goodwill.

It is true that pensions and health care are important. Personally, I think both should be de-coupled from employers and employment. That can’t be fixed by this strike though.

I think GM and its workers need to handle this differently. The results of strike will be more off-shore production, less US jobs, less sales for GM, less goodwill, and less profit.

That is loose-loose for both parties. That should not be the goal.

Update: It didn’t last long.


7 Responses

  1. The only side that realizes the truth of what you right is GM. One of UAW’s demand is a half to new offshore production. UAW realizes its in a death spiral, and coldly sees that a living UAW + a dying GM is better than a dead UAQ.

  2. GM management has spent the the last 30+ years alienating the works force.

    The upper level leaders make bad mistake after bad mistake and are personally richly rewarded for it while the company takes hit after hit.

  3. Unions are modern day dinosaurs.

    Can anyone name an industry in America that is union and is doing well? Everywhere they exist today they bring an inferior product at an outrageous price. Education, government, industry. You name it, their day is over as far as usefullness goes.

  4. Well we need something to counter-act the power wielded by corporations. How much is a balance of power worth?

  5. Gm is in financial trouble as it is. Where do the striker think they are going to get the money from. I wish them luck,but if I were them they should go back to work. And make as much money as they can.

  6. When I heard about the strike I thought it was a Society for Creative Anachronism activity. GM and UAW deserve each other. It’s like people a hundred years ago championing the preservation of an aristocratic social order

  7. Rick: transportation (teamsters and railroads)?
    Phil: Give my SCA friends some credit for brains. Death scenes are ham acting and humor for them, not a career move.

    Personally, I wonder at what point someone’s going to suggest a merger between the UAW and one or more of the big 3? It may be the only way to get over the old suspicions and start working for mutual survival.

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