“Unified North American”

This web site is all about a union of the USA and Canada and seems to be written by Canadians.

Here are something interesting things from the faq:

  • A mature North American Union already exists, and its name is the United States of America. There need not be a supranational institution in North America working between three different federal governments, when there is already a successful and democratic union of 50 states that Canada’s provinces have already been given an open invitation to join.
  • Obviously, the first step towards any larger North America is the amalgamation of Canada and the United States. Should it stop there or progress further is a question that will need to be determined later on.
  • The US model is preferred because it is believed to be considerably better in terms of its representation, and checks and balances. People in the US are represented directly by individual elected representatives in Congress and in their state legislatures, not by Parliamentarians, which are ruled by strict party discipline. The leader of the nation is elected in a nationwide election, not indirectly chosen by the ruling party. The Senate serves to represent the regionalism of the nation as a whole, not the legacy of past Prime Ministers. Finally and most importantly, the United States Constitution contains all of the values and principles we hold dear in one short, clear and understandable document. The US government is certainly not a flawless institution, but it does have a framework that has proven to successfully balance powers between federal and regional governments unlike any other in the world.
  • Undoubtedly, people who are proud Canadians would continue to be proud Canadians within a United North America. In the United States, Texans are proud Texans, Southerners are proud Southerners, etc. Cultures and identities are not swallowed up or obliterated in the United States of America.
  • The United States of America would still be an apt description of the country with the addition of Canadian regions. However, renaming this Union would not be out of the question. The United States of America could change its name to the United States of North America, United North America or even something completely different altogether. It would be up to the democratic will of the people.
  • The Monarchy would obviously have no place within a United North America, as it truly is an antiquated system of government that serves no real purpose in the 21st century. Unlike Canada, the United States has no official language. English, French, Spanish and German have all been used at the governmental level in the United States. No current US federal law prohibits any state or local government from operating in a different languag
  • Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories would all be welcome to eventually apply to become states within the Union. However, these territories are sparsely populated, contain a population base who have different cultures, and have traditionally sought greater autonomy. Therefore, a good solution may be for these territories to become self-governing territories within a United North America

They go province by province here.

I am okay with this this. I think the biggest bang comes from bringing in Mexico though.

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  1. We could admit Guyana as a state:


    “This site is dedicated to the legal incorporation of Guyana into the United States, and pays special attention to the advantages that would flow to the United States and to Guyana if Guyana were to become a state, territory or possession of the United States.”

  2. I would be okay with it. Make it a territory first. The goal would be statehood when it reaches some population/economic mark.

    It would be a nice hub of incoming/outgoing US commerce along with tourism/retirement/science and cultural stuff to go along with the current agri/mining businesses.

    The fact they speak English is a big plus.

    It would be nice to plant a big American University campus down there and a south American VOA radio/tv/internet service.

    I am likje the idea.

  3. A few questions come to mind:
    How popular IS this idea in Guyana?
    Are there any other places in the Americas who’d be interested in joining (English speaking or not)?
    Are we ready to go from Chavez as “oil-rich wacko over there” to “oil-rich wacko on our border (which is disputed by Venezuela, last I heard)”?

  4. Michael: I don’t know about the popularity of of the idea Guyana. The link makes a strong case that it may be true.

    You do nail the big downside: Havng Hugo next door with a shared border.

  5. Salut,

    I’m a french canadian from the province of Quebec, and I also happen to be the administrator of the website’s forums.

    I was happy to read your review of our website. Well, if it’s any reassurance, we are not looking to include Mexico in this proposition. The reasons for that are numerous but I will not list them here.

    What we hope for is a democratic annexation of canadian provinces as states, as an opportunity for the renewal of the founding principles that made the USA great.

    Democratic as in: by popular vote in both countries. Something unprecedented in history, but certainly not impossible. We see this proposition as beneficial not only to our peoples, but to the rest of the world as well.

    Bonne Journée!


  6. Americalex, I am completely okay with Mexico joining the USA (I call this USAv3) province by province.

  7. the idea of a united north america is just plain wrong. it will, unlike the proponents of this plan, destroy our national sovereignty, while destroying the nation i.e. jobs. there’s just too much room for greater corruption.

  8. Al…the trick is not to create a new nation from the old USA/Mexico/Canada with a new Constitution, laws, institutions, and gov.

    Trust me, I don’t want the USA replaced with a North American Union (a new world version of the pseudo-democratic European Union).

    What I am suggesting is an enlargement of the USA to includes the current states from Mexico and then Canada. These would be voluntary and not by conquest.

    The USA’s constitution / laws / rule-sets / etc would remain.

  9. Mexico and Canada should apply for state status like the other non 13 Original Colonies have.

    The United States government was built on a tribal and autonomous foundation, to cater to varoius states and their interests.

    If you allow Mexico’s government or Canada’s government, even in part, to join with the uS, you are screwed. Now instead of a unified Imperial territory, you get Kurd vs Shia vs Sunni like in Iraq.

  10. Ym,

    There would no longer be a Mexico|Canada national government if the Mexico|Canada joins the USA.

  11. You’d be surprised how many bureaucrats and officials, once in power, can get back into power by playing the same old game, except inside a US framework.

  12. Unfortunately under Bush Jr, his vision is to create a whole new country. Thats why he has put this nation into so much debt, making us much poorer than we were, rich to be taken into a more Unified super nation. Tears for Fears puts it best EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD!

  13. Al:

    “…his vision is to create a whole new country. Thats why he has put this nation into so much debt, making us much poorer than we were, rich to be taken into a more Unified super nation…”

    The above doesn’t make sense to me. Even a different “North American Union” would have the old USA as the largest economic entity. Also, the “new” country would assume the debts of the old country.

    So, I don’t know what you mean by Bush’s vision. I know of nothing overt and see no coverts signs that he has addressed this at all.

  14. Ym:

    “You’d be surprised how many bureaucrats and officials, once in power, can get back into power by playing the same old game, except inside a US framework.”

    True. Even still economic gains from greater integration would be worth it. The Buerocrats are a wash. They are there before, and they are there after.

  15. Young black folks around me keep saying Bush has his own dollar because NAFTA is just a way to increase Bush’s Empire. They got this from google while at the same time saying that the news sources such as the MSM, are owned and controlled by mega corporations and right wingers.

    Illogic is the natural human condition, it seems.


  16. You guys might be interested by http://www.annexation.ca, it’s dedicated to the discussion of this concept.

    Screw the North American Union, nobody in their right mind wants that. But a democratic annexation of Canada, I think it could benefit our consolidated sovereignty, considering all the internationalist pressures that our respective countries are subjected to, it may actually be the only effective parry.


  17. I am okay with the Canadian Provinces joining the USA (not forming a new North American Union) each as separate states.

  18. Why would we want people who sell out their country? That’s what this balooney of democratic annexation is all about. Canadians are proud and should be proud of the country they forged in unforgiving circumstances. What annexation.ca proposes is disrespectful to canadians and the idea that the USA will want to inherit the nightmare of Quebec’s linguistic paranoia is absurd. Quebec should either workout its problems with Canada or become its own country without the 2/3 that was given to them to enter Canada. America welcomes tolerant and respectful people but with an English speaking community under duress in Quebec there is little you can talk about freedom and democracy Americalex when you ban people from your forum because they disagree with you!!

  19. Lex, I don’t think I have banned any body from this discussion.

    I did ban a pro-islamofascism, pro-marxist commenter here, but I think that was the only guy. Even then, I only banned him because he would not engage in debates, just in personal attacks and smears.

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