Did Lind just come out in favour of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich?

Where do we see a leader who can turn aside the march toward war? Not in the Middle East itself, nor among American Presidential candidates, only two of whom, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, represent a real change of direction. [link]

First, he declared himself to be a monarchist. Then he called for American Generals to stage a coup of sorts. I think he just noted his support of moonbat presidential candidates Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

I think it would be best for xGW/4GW Theory (and 5GW theory), to not be to tightly coupled to Lind anymore.


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  1. Perhaps they should not be coupled to politics at all, except insofar as elements of 4GW and 5GW may relate to politics.

    But really, where’s all the great 4GW writing from Lind? Hammes, yes. I honestly haven’t read anything from Lind that impressed me, since the original article — which he co-wrote.

    Time’s over for idolatry, perhaps especially the Idolotry of the Prime (meaning, the “originator”).

  2. Hope that’s not too crass. For a guy who has claimed that so much about 4GW is yet to “emerge” and is mysterious — well, what’s mysterious and why doesn’t he explore farther down the lane?

    Harrumph. My first rant of the day.

  3. Agreed.

    Lind deserves credit for co-writing an article on 4GW, which presents in incomplete conceptualization of the generations of modern war. Nothing to sneeze at, but this focus on him is harmful to the theory.

  4. I tell you what, I’m surprised that Lind was the one to make this move. I actually expected John Robb to jump into the Ron Paul camp before anyone else. Robb just seems tailor-made to give Paulism an intellecutal veneer.

  5. Colin…I hadn’t thought that…before. Now I am! I can see why one might think that.

  6. Well, Robb just linked the same article:


    He avoided the politics and went straight to the recurring theme, as if reiteration is proof:

    I believe that instead of a long conventional war, it is more likely to be a roiling sea of failed/hollow states, superempowered guerrillas (spoiling for a fight and setting off cascades of social/economic disruption), and interventionist/bumbling nation-states (unable/unwilling to understand the new security dynamic).

  7. If Robb is smart he won’t out and out associate with Ron Paul (I don’t think he could with Kuchinich).

    There is a sort of pessimism…or mild cheerleading for Anarchism.

    Robb’s presecription of hunkering down behind redundant infrastructure and gated communities seems to be a “embrace defeat” tactic.

    BTW, I know which side of the gates I will be on!

  8. Not associate with Ron Paul? Libertarianism is minarchism…close to anarchism, without actually removing the state

  9. and Kucinich wants to expand government

  10. Both Ron Paul and Dennis Kuchinich are complete crackpots on National Security issues. They let their guards down occasionally and let loose beliefs like: The jews are running everything, 9/11 was an inside job, American should be ashamed of its leg and is the source of everything wrong, blah blah blah. They embrace defeat and rollback of the USA.

    I am not a “Libertarian”, though have some mild libertarian beliefs. Domestically, I am much closer to that position then the Kuchinich Socialism-in-all-but-name position.

  11. Ah, I have now seen your URL. You are part of Ron Pail’s campaign. Good luck to you. As long as domestic libertarianism is coupled with crazy national security views it is going nowhere.

    The ability to swarm blogs and internet polls does not equate to real vote.

    The more Ron Paul talks, the less votes he will get.:


  12. One of the things that makes the internet information system work is that when people like “purpleslog” write comments containing statements that are simply not true, we can all just go to youtube and listen to what the person, in this case. Ron Paul, actuly said. We can all see see for outselves that either “purpleslog” is simply lying, dosen’t understand english, or just repeating what he heard someone else say. He hasen’t been paying attention to what Ron Paul has been saying.

    The “land of the free” isn’t a place free from sickness, danger, hunger, grief, sadness, pain, etc. Freedon is about an individuals relationship to his government.


  13. I think the Ron Paul swarm is beginning. 🙂

  14. Well, forgive us. But we’re admittedly sticklers for details.

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