5GW Makes Use of Another Dimension to Conflict: Institutional

In all of xGW, conflict can be thought of as having these as dimensions:

– Grand Strategy
– Strategy
– Operational (aka Boyd’s Grand Tactics)
– Tactics

Starting with 3GW and especially with 4GW, three other dimensions where acknowledged and became useful and used:

– Physical
– Moral
– Mental

The idea is you can win in the physical dimension but loose still overall in he moral and mental.

I have been thinking the past few days that 5GW will make use of another dimension that was not really used in a non-trivial way for 1GW through 4GW.

That dimension is the Institutional.

Since definitions matter, I will use this definitions for institutions:

Institutions are the humanly devised constraints that structure human interaction. They are made up of formal constraints (rules, laws, constitutions), informal constraints (norms of behavior, conventions, and self imposed codes of conduct), and their enforcement characteristics.[Ref: Douglass C. North Nobel Lecture]

I think A 5GW actor can achieve victory by winning the conflict in the institutional dimension (mastering the institutional dimension), even if they loose or draw in other dimensions.

I have proposed four 5GW styles: Puppet Master 5GW, Socio-Political Entrepreneur 5GW, Memetic Engineering 5GW, Strategic Citizen 5GW. The Institutional dimension of conflict comes into play strong with the the Puppet Master 5GW and the Socio-Political Entrepreneur 5GW, less so with the Strategic Citizen 5GW (though I fill now more when I blog the concept fully), and perhaps not at all with the Memetic Engineering 5GW style.

TDAXP has proposed three kind of 5GW: insurgent 5GW, state-within 5GW, and the state-without 5GW. The last two of those (and perhaps all three) will utilize the institutional dimension.

So, what do you think? Is this a useful concept? I think this can help explain how 5GW is different then 0GW/1GW/2GW/3GW/4GW.

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Updated: Corrected a few typos, changed some formatting, and added a link.

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