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    Bad Ideas and Distractions: US Secession Movements

    Zenpundit has a post on modern US Secession movements with links.

    It was interesting following the links. They are all bad ideas.

    I found a roundup at wikipedia. That is were I came across the People’s Republic of the North Star.

    Zen rightly notes that this was settled with the Civil War. There is no legal Secession.

    2 Responses

    1. There are several useful reasons a state or region may secede. All have to do with in effectiveness of the existing governing body. I would argue there is ineffectiveness of the governing body in the USA right now, and therefore, I argue strongly for the dialogue to begin, in order to secede from the old union.

    2. Chris, therein lies madness and destruction. I suspect if I knew you or your ideology I would see that you are a anti-america leftists.

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