The People’s Republic of the North Star: Future Commie 4GW for the Midwest

Oh my:

The Peoples Republic of the North Star is dedicated to building socialist power in the upper midwest. The Peoples Republic of the North Star is the intended communist governments of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. People living in the target areas are encouraged to share their thoughts on the creation of socialism in america within our lifetimes. [Link]

I give them credit for being overt in their goals and for asking feedback.

As a Badger (Wisconsinite) let me answer, the idea is stupid.

The surest way for my community to lower its individual freedoms and options, standard of living, and future prospects is to go Communists/Socialist and disconnect from the rest of the USA (not to mention how many citizens will be executed to secure the continued harmony of the People’s Republic).

They do not plan to implement this through politics. They plan to do this through violence (they are in the early planning stages):

Although this group is centered in Minneapolis, intent is to form a broad international support structure for local activities and affiliated groups, we encourage all who support resistance, communism, socialism, as well as workers, engineers, farmers, educators, and others with knowledge of guerilla warfare, history, and improvised tactics, especially in urban settings, to join in posting meaningful information here for the proliferation of the peoples struggle.

There are 46 people on their mailing list. I wonder how many are FBI special agents?


11 Responses

  1. You are right that that looks like a goofy FBI front. You are wrong that socialism is bad for the mid-west, US or the world.

  2. “You are wrong that socialism is bad for the mid-west, US or the world.”

    Care to expound a bit on that assertion?

  3. Reasoninrevolt:

    I don’t think it is an FBI front…but the FBI should be keeping tabs on any group looking to start an anti-US guerrilla war in the midwest.

    I’d love to hear them explain why socialism would be a good thing, given its horrific track record.

  4. Reasoninrevolt:

    I see you have your argument here:

    “It is simply that socialism involves organizing society and the economy in such a way that places human need and development at the center (as opposed to, for instance, capitalism, where profit is at the center of social and economic activity)”

    The planning of the elites of Socialist/Communist societies for the supposed benefit of but actually to the detriment of society is the problem.

    It is impossible for the socialist planner to determine the optimum mix of of what to produce and who to deliver to. More importantly, the ruling planners (the party, the bureaucracy, the vanguard, whatever) really serve only their own interest. In the end, the human capital of society is wasted, misery is increased and mass graves get dug.

    “As a Trotskyite…”

    Now I get it. Thanks for stopping by though.

  5. Communism would be great for this part of the US. I myself am from South St. Paul and if done properly I think it could work. America will collapse eventully. This if it rises will be better then some said proposed groups in America. Look up the Neo-Confederacy. Communism CAN work it just hasn’t yet. Why not give it another try.

  6. Dan, you are an idiot.

    “Communism CAN work it just hasn’t yet. Why not give it another try.”

    Question: How much more human misery and mounds of dead bodies should be allowed to test out communism?

    My Answer: 0.

  7. Speechless…..

  8. Way to be objective, purpleslog:

    “Dan, you are an idiot.”

    And you’re an asshole.

  9. Yep, I might be an asshole, he’s still an idiot.

    Am I objective on this? Yep. Do I think Communism is bad? Yep. These are not opposed views.

    I asked… “I’d love to hear them explain why socialism would be a good thing, given its horrific track record.” …still waiting to for an answer…

    Calling me an asshole doesn’t make Socialism/Communism a good thing.

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