Why Does Ron Paul Seemingly Do So Well In On-line Polls and Lefty-infused Places like Reddit?

It appears the Left likes him. I presume in a an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend way.


4 Responses

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    By RON PAUL – Rep. Ron Paul: I advocate the same foreign policy the Founding Fathers would

  2. While I lean libertarian in several ways, the crazy security views of Ron Paul and his 9/11 conspiracy mongering rules him out as credible candidate. I suspect most of his support is from normal republicans, but from leftists and 9/11 truthers. Thatis why he is able to raise money, but in real polls (non web polls) he is just a blip.

  3. The Ron Paul internet phenomenon seems to be a type of 5GWish/4GWish swarming effort.

    Good question is whether this can fool anyone.

    Still, I’m largely undecided. If the general election were held today, with all the candidates on both sides on the ballot, I’d choose Obama. But I’m glad the election is not today!!

  4. I am not sure who to vote for.

    I have weeded out many on both sides.

    A big part of me doesn’t really trust the dems on national security issues anymore. That sucks, but it will make voting easier.

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