More Fun From Flickr: Etcha and Etch-A-Sketch Wizardry

Flickr Etch-A-Sketch artist Ethca pointed me to her work.

Here is a sample:


5 Responses

  1. I appreciate the mention, and the exposure, but in fact, Etch A Sketch artist Etcha pointed you to his own work. 😉 And for anyone interested, there’s about a dozen more piece of my work on the site, and more coming soon.

  2. Etcha, you leave me confused.

    Are you not the “etcha” of the flickr photos I posted above?

    That matches the same URL you gave me in the comment.

    What’s that old saying about good deeds? Oh yeah, now I remember.

  3. Purpleslog,
    Sorry, I guess I’m the one that was confused: the first part of your link that went to someone else that you called ‘Ethca’ and then you refer to me as a ‘her’. Yes, I am the same Etcha that you link to, and the one who posted originally suggesting you take a look at my stuff. Sorry if I seemed ungrateful or unappreciative, I guess I’m going through a little ‘identity crisis’ right now and having a tough time getting recognition and noticed. Thanks for the mention, and I also have a new Bridge Etch posted if you care to take a look. (It’s got a couple different things you normally don’t see: shading of the water and the clouds not being attached to anything by a line).
    Again, Thanks! 😉

  4. The first link was to my earlier post that included your comment. Yes, it was self-promotion. Oh well. Never mind.

  5. sorry, I updated and reposted all my photos on my flickr site. I have a couple of new ones that are pretty sweet.

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