“Mr. Gore lost the presidency, but in the dignity and grace with which he gave up his legal fight, he united America.”

WTF is Friedman talking about? Dignity? Grace? I Certainly don’t remember it that way.

Maybe I just define words like “dignity”, “grace” and “unite” differently.

Maybe this is meant to be a satire piece.

Perhaps, the NyQuil in my system is dulling me to this fact.

I suspect it is just that I haven’t bought into “Al Gore” as “Goracle” or as some Earth Leftist Messiah.

When I read crap likes this from Friedman, I question the stuff he writes that I agree with. Am I just being fooled by him on other issues that I perhaps don’t know as much about? When he writes of his travels is he making that stuff up too. Is it all filtered through his well spoken and well written but leftist filters? Hasn’t this country’s politics suffered enough from the baby boomers?


5 Responses

  1. If Friedman is just referring to the concession speech, itself, he is write.

    Otherwise, it’s part of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

    Friedman’s been slipping recently.

  2. Let me admit it now…I voted for Gore in 2000.

    I didn’t like the idea of a son of a President being elected so soon after his father. Also, while Clinton/Gore talked liberal often, they were pretty moderate in their actually governing (I guess a republican congress was a good counter-balance). Also, Gore did not seem to be a dove/ostrich/dodo on security issues so I had no problems casting a vote for him.

    I had met him once when he ran in 1988 and he impressed me in person (compared to the other Dem candidates I met the the same day in the Grand Hall of the UW-Madison Memorial Union – jeez I think George McGovern was there too) at that time.

    The way he re-acted to loosing was a disgrace to the USA. He prolonged the event. His actions split (not united the country) and led many at home and abroad to treat the Bush presidency as illegitimate.

    I saw the mockery and disbelief of the USA with my own eyes by international co-workers of mine at the time.

    He still claims to have won the election but to somehow been cheated of it. I have no idea or recollection of Gore’s eventual concession speech. The damage has already been done by Gore actions prior to, and since that speech.

    In the months after 9/11/2001, as Gore turned into the “Goracle” his moonbat pronouncements led me to think…”How did I ever vote for this guy” and “I am so glad that he lost in 2000”.

    Friedman’s “ignorance” aka purposeful re-writing of history pisses me off.


  4. Vickie…only if Ron Paul is the republican candidate would I vote for Hillary.

    However, you are free to convince me otherwise.

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