Flaw in Amazon.com’s New MP3 Shopping

I like that it is cheap – $0.99 per song.

It doesn’t work the way I like shop at Amazon though.

I like to add book sand stuff to my cart over weeks and months. I overadd. Then I remove and change mind (to match tastes, times, and budgets).

With the Amazon.com MP3 store, I can’t add things to my cart. I have to buy immediately.

The result is…I have purchased nothing since testing it the first time.


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  1. I use Rhapsody, formerly URGE (which has “joined” with Rhapsody.) I have the “unlimited access” account which will be $12.99/month for unlimited downloads. (To transfer music or use an Ipod, etc., it would be $14.99/month. But I don’t take the music with me.)

    A very cool service, with thousands upon thousands of songs to choose from, pretty much everything I could want.

  2. Good observation. Amazon’s shopping cart is a big plus… I love going through the cart when I check out, looking for something to get… Too bad they don’t have it on their MP3 store.

  3. Also, if you live outside of the US, you can’t use AmazonMP3. If you are one of those unlucky people, there is a site that searches several non-DRM music stores at once: http://www.songboxx.com. You’ll certainly find a store that will work for you.

  4. I ended up buying 6 songs on Sunday – old standards (standards to me anyway) for my iPod.

  5. Look on my site, u can find any mp3 on them.

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