Fuck X 5

1) Fuck Time-Warner. It’s bad enough my cable internet goes out all the time. But Wednesday night the TV portion went out for many hours causing me to miss part 2 of a three part South Episode.

2) Fuck My Web Browser. Although it set to do so, when I restarted it, all of my open tabs were lost – some 50 of them.

3) Fuck My Job. This was the worse week I have had on it. Requirements and responsibilities were changing hour to hour it seemed. I think the end is near there for me.

4) Fuck Halloween. It has usually been my favorite holiday for socializing. This year, I will be at home watching TV and sucking down an Ice Tea with not a party in sight.

5) Fuck Me. For being a whiny little bitch on my blog.


10 Responses

  1. Youch! Sounds like a bad week!

    My TimeWarner DVR crashed for perhaps the first time since August yesterday, which was interesting.

    At least you don’t have our lawyer!

  2. Don’t hold back man. Tell us what you really think! 🙂

    Hope your weekend is better.

  3. Sorry about the party, dude. Sorry you are having a bad week.

  4. And it was a great South Park!

    And any time I get over 15 tabs Firefox grinds to a halt for me.

  5. And it was a great South Park!

    And any time I get over 15 tabs Firefox grinds to a halt for me.

  6. Hopefully I’ll catch a rerun of South Park. I think they re-broadcast Saturday night and/or Sunday night.

  7. Good thing you’re not a student at Missouri State University!

    My life is getting progressively worse, but I try not to notice it… 😉 At least you don’t have the Sadr Brigades knocking on your door!

  8. –er, well, neither do I, hah!

  9. Ha! I do feel whiny, I had a bad “cold” for all of October until the beginning of this week. I still feel tired some, but at least I am not coughing like crazy and being a mucus machine.

    I will try to clean up my language.

    You make a good point…its not like I have terrorists gangs targeting me.

    As far as a know.

    Anyway, today I sympathy knee pain for a friend who just ripped her ACL in a knee. My knee was fine until she told me last night. 20 minutes later… I am a whiny bitch.

  10. don’t feel bad!

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