Proto-5GW Group Discovered and Broken up?

It sounds like the USGOV discovered a 5GWorg operating from the inside for the benefit of the state and against the state’s enemies, but without the permission or knowledge of the state. Once discovered, that state took it down.

Did a group of experienced military officers, comprised of intelligence analysts, Iraq war veterans, and reservists, some who are also police officers in Los Angeles, form their own “vigilance committee” to hunt down al Qaeda suspects operating inside the U.S.?
he San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper is uncovering some details from a secretive military court-martial that occurred in July:

“Marine Gunnery Sgt. Gary Maziarz said patriotism motivated him to join a spy ring, smuggle secret files from Camp Pendleton and give them to law enforcement officers for anti-terrorism work in Southern California.

“He knew his group was violating national security laws. But he said bureaucratic walls erected by the military and civilian agencies were hampering intelligence sharing and coordination, making the nation more vulnerable to terrorists.
mong the alleged conspirators are two colonels in the Marine Corps Reserve, one a detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the other a veteran in the LAPD. A commander in the Naval Reserve who worked as an intelligence analyst at U.S. Northern Command headquarters is also an alleged conspirator.
The conspirators, experienced veterans in their fields and with much to lose, decided to do something effective, i.e. act outside the accepted system.
But those government officials responsible for protecting the country against terrorist attack have a responsibility to perform their jobs diligently and competently. Rogue “vigilance committees” can form whenever this is not the case.
[Reference: TCS Daily]

So, Is this 5GW or near-5GW? How could they have done things differently/better?

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3 Responses

  1. Vigilantes can be patriotic.

    I don’t think this is 5GW. More like Regulars bucking the system and breaking rules to protect their Westphalian nation-state

    Now when Hillary gets in their will be a lot of disgruntled Regulars getting out, and some stay behinds covertly working with oppositional anti-regime elements.

  2. Is it just me, or doesn’t this story remind one of Belmont Club’s “Fourth Conjecture”? (from 6/2/05)?

  3. I have come to the conclusion it is not 5GW. What got me going was that they were acting in secret for the benefit of the state, but in secret without the state’s permission.

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