Sunday Linkspasm #1

The State Department Sucks.

IntelDump on CounterInsurgency Readings, The Foreign Service and Iraq, Pathetasad Video of Iraqi PT.

More on the the FSO’s here.

Phil/Amicable Collisions has a post on defeating AlQaeda Media Cells in Iraq. Commenter Cannoneer suggests we do the same for those cells in America. I concur. Phil also has a book list (I have years of reading ahead of me).

MyPetJawa reports that Al Qaeda is threatning cyber war. My thought: Talk is cheap. Bring it on goat-loving bitches. MyPetJawa Comments with:

I got news for al Qaeda: There are no Western intelligence agencies systematically shutting your websites down. That’s just not what the intelligence community does.That would be us shutting down your websites. Jawa community members. Internet Haganah readers. Freepers. A few others.

Just a handful of people. With no particular set of skills. It’s not so much that we are particularly good at what we do, it’s just that you guys suck like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s face it online jihadis, you are pathetic weak pieces of shit. If you had any real balls you would go out and do actual jihad. Instead you sit in momma’s basement editing films.

You are cowards. You are pathetic. You are fools. You are nothing.

If we wanted to, we would take down all your websites. We choose not to. Keep that in mind. A little bit of paranoia would do you well.

We. Are. Watching. You……BITCHES!

There is new Magazine from the guy behind thatlooks very SysAdmin-ish:

Serviam’s mission is to provide accurate and actionable information about private sector solutions to promote global stability. We address users and consumers of private goods and services in the humanitarian relief, national development, security and military sectors; government and private providers of such goods and services; and government entities involved in decisions that determine or influence trends in this growing industry.

Curtis posted the YouTube video of one of those songs that is flawless meeting of lyrics, notes, vocals, and arrangement.

Sometimes when I just want to look at the female form as art. Here is were I usually go. This is the best of her recent photo postings.

TDAXP has a post asking what to concentrate on in the GAP: The Islamic part of the African part. My take is this:

I am ok with an embrace-and-improve-africa approach coupled with a contain-and-beat-down-islam-when-needed approach

Criminal Malware Trends

DHS Sucks.

Loose Lips Sinks Ships

Macintosh Security

This is Europe’s Future

Fuck The Left

Fucking USGOV Can’t Keep its mouth shut on Intel


“Why won’t the Kurds of Iraq evict the PKK? Why do they give Turkey an excuse to invade? Colonel Mudhafer was tired of that question. He impatiently unscrolled a map when I met with him in his office. “That’s where we lived when we fought against Saddam Hussein. We chose that place for a reason. It was impossible for Saddam to flush us out there, and it’s impossible for us to flush out the PKK now.”

The Economics of Religion

Here is a good Information Security definition:

Security is the process of maintaining an acceptable level of perceived risk. I defined risk as the probability of suffering harm or loss. You could expand my five word question into are you operating a process that maintains an acceptable level of perceived risk?

Here’s a Christmas present idea!


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