Yet One More Photo of Mine Has Been Published…


Here is the original:

Thanksgiving Dinner 2006 at my Parent's House

BTW, that is a slice of my Mom’s Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving 2006. It is one of the three great pies tyoes she makes (the others being Apple, and Rhubarb).


3 Responses

  1. Hey that’s great! How are you marketing your photos?

  2. actually that photo would look great on a restaurant menu. It’s about the most perfect looking piece of pumpkin pie I’ve seen, right down to the two small flakes of crust lying innocently atop the “good part.”

  3. Phil:

    These I just have on Flickr with and free-but-attribute license. I submit them to appropriate flickr groups and add tags to aid people searching.


    Thanks – It was my favorite of the bunch! I did indeed position the flakes and trim out the photo down.

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