Sudoku – Blank Grid

So, I am back to my Sudoku addiction.

I have created a blank grid in PDF format to print out and use instead of writing on the paper or in a puzzle book.

Feel free to use it or share it : Blank Sudoku Grid

This is a small version on Flickr:

Sudoku Template

6 Responses

  1. I’ve never played Sudoku, so it’s hard for me to understand just how addictive it is. On the other hand, I can be transfixed for hours playing something like old-school Tetris or Donkey Kong..

  2. Sudoku is just a logic puzzle. They can be constructed with different degrees of degrees of difficulty. It is just pen and paper and can be done pretty much anywhere. I stopped playing for about a year because when I would close my eyes I would see sudoku pattern and grids. I used play a computer version of solitaire called “golf” that had a similar effect upon me!

    Hey, is your new site live?

    • Thank You for the grid. I appreciate your consideration and thoughtfulness. There are those of us senior citizens out here who cannot read the tiny grids that the newspapers publish.

      Love, love, love sudoku. Been at it for years, and just this year found more ways to look @ it. You have to stay w/it to learn it’s secrets … just like life !

  3. For me, Sudoku is an annoyance. Gimme a crossword puzzle any day. =)

  4. […] […]

  5. Thank you for utilizing free time to post “Sudoku – Blank Grid PurpleSlog – Just
    Another Cheesehead”. Thank you once more ,Cruz

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