Defining ‘Propaganda” and “Political Warfare”

For future reference:

Here is a concise definition of Propaganda:

Propaganda is any communication directed at a primary target to accomplish a specific goal, namely, to persuade the targets to behave as the communicator desires. [Ref]

That blog post further clarifies:

Propaganda is a broad term that encompasses political warfare and psychological operations, which are different aspects of the same thing. These terms refer to the nature of the propaganda, its goals, and the battle space in which it is used. Psychological operations are propaganda used in the context of military operations and are primarily tactical.
Political Warfare, on the other hand is necessarily a more vague term because it is used to describe propaganda implemented for political and military strategy.

I will add definitions to this in the future.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget JP 1-02, the DOD Dictionary:

    propaganda — Any form of communication in support of national objectives designed to
    influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the
    sponsor, either directly or indirectly. See also black propaganda; grey propaganda;
    white propaganda.

    political warfare — Aggressive use of political means to achieve national objectives.

  2. Creel disassociated CPI’s work with a term that was just starting to come into common use:

    We did not call it “propaganda,” for that word in German hands had come to be associated with lies and corruptions. Our work was educational and informative only, for we had such confidence in our case as to feel that only fair presentation of its facts was needed.8

    James Mock and Cedric Larson noted in their 1939 history of CPI’s activities, Words That Won the War, that Americans came to associate propaganda as a term with the work of German agents and saboteurs in the United States.9

    Propaganda: Can a Word Decide a War?

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