Why We Need to Get Used to the Fact We Won’t Be Able to Depend Upon our European Allies

From the start of an article in Opinion Journal:

“European governments are not able any more to ask their people for great sacrifices.”

First Thought: Were are my counter-part 5GW Euro-bloggers?

Second Thought: Hmmm…I wonder if they think the same about the US?

BTW, the author is quoting Kissinger:

The real difference, Mr. Kissinger interjected, lay in “what government[s] can ask of their people.” It is because “European governments are not able any more to ask their people for great sacrifices,” he argued, that they have so readily opted for a “soft power” approach to so many foreign policy issues. This will, of necessity, make it harder for Europe to reach a consensus with the U.S.

EuroCitizens wanting to start talking 5GW should email me.

5 Responses

  1. We’re here… kind of…

    Europe has problems, though — definite case of geo-political myopia (e.g. less American power = more peace, a common meme, probably among policy makers as well as the public).

  2. Vimothy…I would appreciate insights you have into a 5GW.

    Would you like a guest post at the Dreaming5GW blog?

  3. I’m a bit late to the debate regarding 5GW, and totally snowed under with piles of reading (at the moment, lots of Bueno de Mesquita, institutional economics, aid & growth, Sino-US balance of trade…. aarrgggh). Let me read up and then try to share some thoughts. Can you suggest a primer and some areas for fruitful consideration / cross-pollination / strategic attack?

  4. There really isn’t much of a primer for 5GW. You can check out dreaming5gw.com or http://www.5gw.phaticcommunion.com/ to get up to speed.

    I think the book Unrestricted Warfare has much 4GW/5GW theory in it.

    I have been meaning to write a primer…but I have been saying that to myself for a year now.

  5. I’ve an idea for a post on 5GW, actually. I’m interested in the intersection of institutional economics and the “puppet master” 5GW. I’ll be in touch …

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