Time Calculation Spreadsheet

I have made a time calculation spreadsheet I use available at google docs as both just html and as a google docs spreadsheet.

If you want the original I can email that to you.

I made it because I was tired of calculating large number minutes of seconds on the fly for the configuration of different applications and systems.


5 Responses

  1. What do you do where you have to calculate large numbers of seconds?

  2. Dan:

    I will check that out. I didn’t know google did math.


    I calculate seconds for certain DNS settings and other application timeout values. I use minutes for certain SIM rules.

  3. If you ever worked for a real isp you would have noticed in the logs that 1440 minutes was equal to 1 days worth (24 hours) of being dialed in. 🙂

    /me starts making modem noises

  4. Kusswords…real ISP’s are not dial-up ISPs. 🙂

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