“Today Zapata’s grandson, who lives in misery, tells me why the legacy of the revolution is an unmitigated failure with respect to peasants in the countryside.”

Read it here.

The land was given to the
people, all right,” says Emiliano. “Under the ejido system, a
plot of land was handed to peasant villages and communities, and each one
appointed a commissar to preside over it. Then the politicians bribed or
co-opted the appointees and politicized the whole thing. The local party
bosses would get the commissars to inflate the price of public works in
their villages and towns, splitting the excess money with them. The commissars
would also ensure that the ejidatarios gave political support to the party.””


“Mexico’s official history has
always maintained that Zapata fought for a socialist revolution. He did
not. Zapata was many things — a womanizer, a drinker, an occasional bandit.
Some of his ideas were muddled, but he was no socialist. As the son of
small-property owners — they lived in an adobe house whose ruins I visited
in Anenecuilco — Zapata genuinely wanted his people to own their land.
He mistrusted the state: He even refused to sit in the presidential chair
when, in 1914, he and Pancho Villa entered Mexico City, seemingly on the
verge of total victory in their revolution.”

Mexico should join the US state-by-state.

5 Responses

  1. I saw you went on my french blog, named “Chasse-clou”. Thanks ! I like your PurpleSlog.

  2. Parle vous france, mon ami Purpleslog?

    Socialism has no heroes, only victims. Great article.

  3. all countries should be offered the opportunity to join the us, state by state… with such a generic name for the country (United States) it should not matter what the name is for the covering country, it will be the local areas that get to keep their locally significant name. It might start out with a bunch of ‘berlin air lift’ areas; in the end most areas will have road/rail/trail connections.

    too tired to more clearly define my thought right now; I just needed to get that ‘think’ off my brain:)

  4. Soob: Heh…non. I have enough problems with english.

    Dom: I was checking out the link to me!

    There are language translators…

  5. Dom….I liked the photos at your new site: http://dominiquehasselmann.blog.lemonde.fr/

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