PrairePundit on “Lawfare against the CIA”

Prairie Pundit links to an article and comments:

The left’s insistence on reversion to the Trial on Terror rather than waging war against the terrorist is a major miscalculation that will render great aid to the enemy, if not comfort too. While they may be pursuing this strategy in good faith, the demonstrable results after eight years of using it in the 90’s is that it leads to disaster. This is another example of liberals reverting to form after their fear subsides. It is why they should never be trusted with national security.

People reading this blog probably think sometimes I am a right winger or at least a conservative. Maybe I am. It might surprise you all to know I have only only voted republican once (so far) for president – 2004.

I too have come to the conclusion that the current national Democratic party can not be trusted on security issues.

That is bad for the US system.

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