“What is World Peace” Discussion

TDAXP has an interesting wide ranging “World Peace” discussion.

Highlights include:

I think we can attain a semblance of global stability but world peace isn’t going to happen. [Jay@Soob]
World peace will come when everyone has fallen before Great Lord Cthulhu. [ElamBend]
Modern mass political movements often have become cisterns for the religious fervor which has drained out of the traditional religions of the world. This is the source of much misery, since eschatological goals cannot be humanly achievable, only frustration and worse can result by attempting to achieve them. [Lexington Green]
There is no monocausality. A hormonally-inspired youthful desire to raise Hell, meet attractive activist girls (they are so cute when they are panting with rage against the Man) and defy authority under nursery school conditions of safety — sure that’s part of it. [Lexington Green]
But if we can hypothesize a world without war, can we also imagine a world without crime? Given the emergence of COIN doctrine — and the increasing imperative of “stability ops” to our expeditionary forces — how we discriminate between these two questions will be the hallmark of 21st century national (and international) security. [deichmans]
History records the increased dispersion of violence in war — from 0GW to 1GW to 2GW to 3GW to 4GW to 5GW, each generation is less fatal (if no less aggravating to lose) than the one before it. We can assist in this transformation, and speed it up. We can make war be fought on our liking, if not to our terms. [TDAXP]
0GW is indistinguishable from genocide, while 5GW is indistinguishable (by design!) from no war at all. In between, each generation is caused by a scarcity of men that can be sacrificed in battle, so violence is more tactically and carefully applied as g increases. (1GW requires concentration of labor, unlike 0GW, 2GW requires concentration of firepower, unlike 1GW, etc.) [TDAXP]
Only the dead have seen the end of war. [Mark in Texas]

Good stuff. This is why I read blogs.


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