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    Quick Thought on the Saturday Night Presidential Primary Debate

    I missed the beginning of the debate (oops).

    On the Republican side:

    Thompson – I haven’t really followed him. I thought he did the best in the debate. I will have to look into him more.

    Rudy – I like him. I won’t have a problem voting for him.

    Romney – He took a lot hits from the other candidates and seem to be on
    the defense. He seems too smooth, polished and orchestrated for my liking –
    is he fake? A big plus for him – he was the only candidate who
    responded (and did so forcefully) to McCain’s anti-capitalism rant.

    McCain – He seems to be the best/strongest on Security issue. He is a
    disaster on domestic issues and economic issues. His anti-capitalism
    rant left me cold. I will vote for him in the general election against
    whoever the dem nominee is because security is the #1 issue, but I
    don’t see myself voting for him in the primary election (unless it
    comes down to him and Huck and/or Paul).

    Huck – Seems like a nice guy. But… I can’t see myself voting for a fundamentalist protestant minister, who seems to be anti-science and not really pro-capitalism.

    Paul – This guy is a nutcase (on the verge of full on out rantings). What a joke. A Paul nomination is the only thing that could get me to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    On the Democrat side:

    First, they all seem to me to be wrong on security, wrong on economics, and wrong on domestic policy. I cna’t see myself voting for a democrat in the general election (unless Ron Paul is the republican nominee).

    Edwards – He seems to be going more hardcore leftists every time I hear him.

    Clinton – Blah blah change blah blah…only a Ron Paul nomination could get me to vote for her.

    Obama – His policies and ideas are not to my liking. At least he is not another boomer. So, I guess he would be my first choice among the dems.

    Richardson – He came across as a ticket-punching idiot. He made references to how he would negotiate when becoming president with the Soviet Union. He promoted his experience negotiating with North Korea (where he and Clinton and Carter where snookered by baby Kim). He would be my last choice among the dems. I hope they don’t make him the VP or SecState.

    Lastly, this was Kuchinch’s best debate. I didn’t hear anything idiotic or anti-American or leftists from him. 🙂

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