5GW Link Spotting: Baudrillard’s Bastard – “hackers, power grids, and (dis)information”

The Author of that blog writes:

But, back to the point: hackers, power grids, and (dis)information. Virilio’s theory suggests that in an information war (one tactic of 5GW), the dominate form of 21st-century warfare, “information and disinformation have become indistinguishable from each other, so have attack and mere accidents.” So, in other words, disruption is built into the construction of a system. Disruptions can appear as accidents or attacks. The line between the two categories is “indistinguishable.” A government agency, such as the CIA, has a stake in calling recent power disruptions (that may or may not have taken place) attacks. By calling disruptions attacks, the CIA can augment its power and expand Internet surveillance. In fact, the expansion of surveillance is a central facet of the information war that is now occurring. Virilio writes, “the information war, which will make general what espionage and police surveillance inaugurated long ago, though they were unable to draw, as we are today, on the limit-acceleration of ‘global information.'” We live in a techno-cyber surveillance society. [link]

It is an interesting read and the blog is worth checking out.

The author gets the conspiratorial, deception and goal of N-order effects aspects of 5GW.

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  1. Thanks for picking-up the post.

    You and your cohorts at Dreaming 5GW are always writing interesting, creative, and important posts.

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