Films For Intelligence Analysis Exercises

Kent’s Imperative has a post about appropriate films for teaching entry level intelligence analyst skills. The authors in the end suggest The Kingdom.

I thought of a few others and emailed them to the authors:

Day of the Jackal
The Battle of Algiers
The Wire (especially season 1)

As stated elsewhere (Eddie/Hidden Unities), the fictional Detective Lester Freeman of the Baltimore Police Major Crimes Unit (from The Wire) is the model Intelligence Analyst on TV.

After sending the email, I though a of one more:

Russia House (my favorite espionage movie with Sean Connery)

3 Responses

  1. One could make a case for Kima Greggs as well, from the perspective of the development and maturity of a raw talent.

  2. I am watching the series on DVD, so I have not seen the current/last season. I heard someone say Kima was turning into a female McNulty though.

  3. Far from it, at least considering what’s happened to McNulty in the final season.

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