Health Coverage When Unemployed, Between Jobs, or Not being Offered Employer-Based Health Insurance

Alison Rosen, a frequent Guest (and I think a writer) on my favorite late night show, blogs about her current lack of health insurance here.

I am in the same boat as my job/contract as a security engineer with a large financial company ended on 12/31/2007 (as a budgetary side-effect of the mortgage meltdown).

Here was my advice to her:

1) Get a cheap health care plan (not pre-paid service, but insurance so you don’t go broke if hit by a bus) from Humana (google for some similar in your area). It is cheap. Less then $100 per month for a single individual.

2) Plan on using a Walgreens walk-in clinic if I need to. Nurse Practitioners staff it. They do 80% of what a GP or Family Practice doc can do – but cheaper).

This solves the problem and doesn’t break the bank.

I do hope to be fully employed again real soon now.


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